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As providers of data, tools, and compliance services to banks and other obliged entities, DT4C Alliance members aim to share their expertise to support the development and implementation of an effective and future-proof anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) framework in the crucial fight against financial crime.

The DT4C Alliance seeks to become a trusted policy partner to help EU lawmakers and regulators. It represents a sector that provides essential solutions for effective prevention of money laundering, sanctions evasion and counterfeit terrorism, and is relied upon by undertakings across the board and across geographies.

As the AML ecosystem encompasses various market players, we believe the EU’sa future regulatory framework should consider AML and Know-Your- Customer (KYC) data service providers in rulemaking adequately so as to prevent unintended consequences and ensure the objectives of an effective EU AML rule book can be achieved.